Instructions to Application for Guiyang International Marathon 2018


   一、赛事基本信息 Basic information of the competition

(一)比赛日期:2018年7月22日(星期日)  July 22, 2018 (Sunday)

(二)比赛项目 Competition items:

1. 男、女马拉松 Men/Women’s Marathon (42.195 km)

2. 男、女半程马拉松 Men/Women’s Half Marathon ((21.0975 km)

3. 男、女迷你马拉松 Men/Women’s Mini Marathon (3.5 km)


Scale of event: 25,000 people, including 5,000 for Marathon, 10,000 for Half Marathon, and 10,000 for Mini Marathon.

(四)发枪时间 Firing time: 7:30 a.m.

(五)比赛路线Racing route:

1. 马拉松线路 Route of Marathon (42.195km):


Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (origin) →Yuntan South Road → Shilin East Road→ Jinyang South Road → Qianlingshan Road→ Changling South Road (turning-back)→Yangguang Avenue (turning-back)→ Changling South Road → Guanshan East Road→ Jinyang North Road → Lincheng East Road → Tongcheng South Road→ Zhanxi Road→ Lincheng East Road→ Jinyang North Road → Jinzhu East Road (turning-back) → Jinzhu West Road (turning-back) →Jinyang North Road → Guanshan West Road → Yuntan South Road →Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (destination)

2、半程马拉松线路 Route of Half Marathon (21.0975km):


Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (origin) →Yuntan South Road → Shilin East Road→ Jinyang South Road → Qianlingshan Road→ Changling South Road (turning-back)→Yangguang Avenue (turning-back)→ Changling South Road → Guanshan East Road→ Jinyang North Road (turning-back) → Guanshan West Road → Yuntan South Road →Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (destination)

3、迷你马拉松线路 Route of Mini Marathon (3.5 km):


Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (origin) →Yuntan South Road → Shilin East Road → Jinyang South Road →Cuiliu Road → Intersection of Aoxing Road and Cuiliu Road (destination)

   二、重要说明事项 Important notes


Applicants shall fill in their personal information truthfully, and the Organizing Committee will check the information for authenticity. In case of any fraud, those involved will become disqualified for taking part in Guiyang International Marathon 2018.


According to the Competition Regulations of Guiyang International Marathon 2018, the overseas applicants (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan included) may directly get the qualification for participating in the event without taking part in lots drawing. To prevent fraud, the Organizing Committee will firstly check the personal information of the overseas applicants. When any false information is discovered, those involved will become disqualified, and also the Organizing Committee will reserve the right to forbid them from participating in Guiyang Marathon in the future. Look forward to your cooperation and compliance.


If a runner has uncivilized behaviors in the event (for example, defecating indiscriminately, littering, and having other behaviors affecting the running and safety of others), the Organizing Committee is entitled to disqualify him/her, and report to Chinese Athletic Association for additional penalties.


Please pay attention to our official website (www.gymarathon.com) or official WeChat ID number: 贵阳国际马拉松赛 for more information of Guiyang International Marathon 2018.

(五)报名咨询Consulting hotline:



 Working hours: 9:00-12:00 a.m.; 14:30-18:00 p.m.

Email: gymarathon@126.com

 三、报名信息Information of registration

(一)报名时间:2018年6月14日至6月30 日;

Registration time: From June 14, 2018 to June 30;

(二)年龄要求 Age requirements:


 Age limit for Maranon: 20 years old in the year when Maranon is held (born before December 31, 1998)


Age limit for Half Maranon: 16 years old in the year when Maranon is held (born before December 31, 2002); those below 18 shall show a statement for participation signed by their guardians or statutory agents;


Age limit for Half Maranon: No age limit (the juveniles shall be accompanied by their guardians);


Note: The age requirements for foreign runners and those registered in Chinese Athletics Association shall be subject to the related provisions of International Association of Athletics Federations.


Health requirements: Maranon is a high-load, high-strength, and long-distance sport, and also a high-risk competitive event, which has higher requirements for runner’s health conditions. According to the Organizing Committee, all runners should have received the physical examination (including electrocardiographic examination) by medical institutions at county level and above, and conduct self-evaluation in combination with the physical examination report, and confirm that they are qualified for long-distance running before application for this event. Those with following physical conditions are forbidden to apply for taking part in the event, or they shall undertake all consequences and legal liabilities by themselves:


Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;


Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;


Myocarditis and other heart diseases;


Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;


Diabetes with too high or too low blood glucose;


Catch a cold 2 weeks before the date of competition;


Pregnant women;


Other diseases not suitable for sports.

(四)报名办法 Method of registration:


The number of participants in the event is limited to 25,000, and those who come first will be served first, until the quota is full.


Individuals may apply for it via official website, official WeChat Account, third-party cooperative platform, and other channels.


Individual registration procedures:


Read the Regulations of Maranon and Instructions to Application, and fill in the personal information → read the Statement of Participation → read the Instructions to Insurance → pay the application fee (by WeChat, Alipay) → succeed in registration → wait for distribution of participation No. after the deadline of application.


Teams are only allowed to apply for it at the official website.

5.团队报名流程 Team registration procedures:

1) 创建团队:团队负责人阅读《竞赛规程》、《报名须知》,提交创建团队申请→组委会人员审核通过→团队创建成功;

Establish a team: the team head shall take responsibility to read the Regulations of Maranon and Instructions to Application, and submit the team establishment application → examination by the personnel from the Organizing Committee → team established successfully;

2) 加入团队:阅读《竞赛规程》、《报名须知》,团队成员从团队负责人处获得团队名称和团队密码→团队成员在线填写个人信息申请加入团队→阅读《参赛声明》→阅读《保险说明》→团队负责人同意申请者加入团队→团队负责人统一进行报名费用的支付→报名成功→等待报名截止后分配参赛号码

Join the team: read the Regulations of Maranon and Instructions to Application, and the team members obtain the team name and team password from the team head → team members fill in the personal information online and apply for joining the team →read the Regulations of Maranon →read the Instructions to Insurance→ the team head agrees the applicants to join→ the team head makes a payment  of  application fees uniformly → application succeeded→ wait for allocation of participation No. after deadline of application


Objects that can obtain the qualification for participation directly:


Excellent athletes invited by the Organizing Committee;


Professional athletes registered in Chinese Athletic Association;


Foreign applicants (those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan included).

7.不予报名的参赛选手:Runners prohibited from applying for this event:


Those prohibited by International Association of Athletics Federations and Chinese Athletic Association for violating the related competition regulations;


Those registered in Chinese Athletic Association shall apply via the online application system of Chinese Athletic Association as required (free of charge), and their individual application is not accepted by the Organizing Committee.

9. 以上未尽事宜,请查阅赛事官方网站。贵阳国际马拉松赛官方网站:Http//www.gymarathon.com

Please refer to the official website for the matters not mentioned above. Official website of Guiyang International Marathon 2018: Http//www.gymarathon.com. 

(五)报名费Application fees:


Application fee for Marathon: RMB150/person;


Application fee for Half Marathon: RMB120/person;


Application fee for Mini Marathon: RMB50/person;


When 50 members or above are included in a team applying for Marathon or Half Marathon, this team can enjoy a discount of 10% of application fees;


No refund if your qualification for participation is confirmed by the Organizing Committee;


Disposable timing chip expenses are included in the application fees for Marathon and Half Marathon;


Please refer to Notes for Materials Acquisition of Guiyang International Marathon 2018 for details on materials receiving.


Matters not mentioned herein shall be notified separately. The Instructions shall be subject to the contents released this time, and Organizing Committee of Guiyang International Marathon 2018 shall reserve the right to explain the Instructions.



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